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Our committees and events offer unparalleled opportunities for market insight and industry-specific networking.

Connect with your peers

Association members may join these committees, which are open to all members.

Find the one that suits you best!

Contact Us

Hong Kong

Perfumery Association

​ (+852) 2765 0875


​Hong Kong-Mainland China Business Promotion Committee


Hong Kong-Macau Business Promotion Committee


​Perfume Market Business Promotion Committee


​Perfume Materials and Science Committee

A Banquet

​Aromatic Food and Beverage Cooperation Committee

Game Character Creation

IP Copyright Business Cooperation Committee


Policy Advisory Committees – our key lobbying tool

The committee serves as a think tank, helping to formulate the strategy of the Hong Kong Perfumery Association and expressing opinions on the policies and initiatives of the Hong Kong government. It monitors and responds to business and tax issues that may affect members.

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