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The association can help SMEs and large corporations with your talent needs. ​

Contact our Recruitment Specialists

We help to connect the market needs to the best local and international talents, from junior to senior level, to find the right candidates for your business, tailor-made services for all your recruitment needs.

Our service:​​

Contact Us

Hong Kong

Perfumery Association

​ (+852) 2765 0875

  • Conduct a face-to-face interview with all candidates prior to recommendation

  • Provide your recruitment needs and local market advice

  • over 1000 talent pool of perfume specialist, offering all levels from junior to senior executives

  • ​Collaborate with Hong Kong Perfume School to provide passionate and professionally trained personnel in perfumery

  • Pay only after successful placement, no retainer fee

Appear as advertisements on our platforms

Post job advertisements on our association website and social platforms to attract more talents in the industry and find suitable candidates for your company.  

  • Job entry requirements of no more than 150 words (English) or 100 words (Chinese) from the employing agency

  • The advertisement will be published simultaneously on the association's website and social media for a period of 30 days

  • Payment must be made 7 days before ad is published at a cost of $380 per ad

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